Best Playstation RPG Games The Final Fantasy Series

Best Playstation RPG Games The Final Fantasy Series

In many cases has the RPG genre been associated with the Final Fantasy series that’s how big of an influence this series has over it. While not being the origin of this relatively new game genre Final Fantasy was responsible for the introduction of role-playing gaming to casual gamers as well as being an influence to other more hardcore gamers regarding the RPG genre. It projected gaming experience not wildly known outside Japan and triggered the popularity of not only Square’s epics but.

Also of some of its competitors’ since the players’ thirst for more RPG titles led them to branching out to other similar games.This article is an overview of the evolution of Final Fantasy games (from now on: FF for short) on the legendary Playstation system where will talk about the titles that saw over-seas releases taking into account my own experiences with the games as the huge fan am of them! struggled to figure out whether I’d go with “Top list” format or chronology-oriented article but ended up choosing the latter considering have yet to play every title and many FF tops and “best of’s” already plague the web due to the immense worldwide popularity of the.

Franchise.the game that boomed the popularity of the franchising the company and the genre. FFVII not only became the most popular and most regarded RPG of all time but also one of the most famous games the Playstation has ever seen. Many gamers casual or not also appoint it as the best game ever for its perfect balance of engaging gameplay and emotional epic story. Indeed giant among video games that defined genre and generation.FFVIII has been looked at as the black sheep of the Playstation FF family. Square has always been famous for not following the same story lines of its previous FF games not.

Even the same gameplay as it has taken different approaches with almost every title of the franchising. Despite the risk of continually changing what has been working this trademark of the company has been successful for the most part. The liberties with the games have been most felt from the Playstation era onwards and FFVIII was the one that suffered the most dramatic changes leaving many fans displeased with the. Totally revamped gameplay. Still the game was very successful for fans new comers (including myself) and critics alike and remains classic and “must” for FF fans and RPG enthusiasts.With the increasingly success the FF series have been seeing on the Playstation it was only natural for Square to start introducing their older titles to Playstation owners. FF. Anthology came as an opportunity to introduce.

The previous FF generation to American audiences by releasing spectacular double-feature with the highly regarded FFV and FFVI titles originally SNES[1] games. For European players FF Anthology arrived much later featuring FFV and FFIV instead since FFVI had already been released seperately.Maybe Square took too many risks with FFVIII maybe not. In any case the company eventually came up with FFIX game that returned to the roots of the franchising both gameplay and story-wise. The charm of this new FF title was very well received by gamers and highly regarded by critics. FFIX took players through fantastic epic story contrary to the more futuristic scenarios of the previous.

Games and provided simple yet addictive and well-executed turn-based battle system. Another interesting aspect of the game was the cartoonish and silly look of the characters esthetic liberties that didn’t fall into the good graces of some players! This was also the last title of the main series to come out on.

The Playstation.Delving further into Square’s past generations FF Chronicles exclusively brought American gamers two of the most sought-after RPG games in history for their grand stories immersive worlds. And memorable gameplays. These games were FFIV and the outsider but similar in style Chrono Trigger. For RPG players this was dream come true since two SNES titles of undeniable legendary status became available to Playstation owners in dreamy package. Sadly European players never got the chance to put their hands on FF Chronicles. Or Chrono Trigger for this platform.As the title of the game implies this is journey back into the the origins of what started it all. FF Origins is the port of FFI and FFII two oldies only really meant for the hardcore gamers.These were some of the very first games that.

Squaresoft released on the NES[2]platform in an era when RPGs were still in the shadows. Together with the rival series Dragon Warrior these two names helped define the genre and were the basis for future RPG video games to come. If you can. Look past the dated looks of the games FFI can provide an interesting and enjoyable experience while the gimmicky nature of FFII may prove harder to get into making this second entry of the legendary series arguably the most obscure and forgotten game next to FFIII.The FF license is usually the most known part of Square’s work. However there is much more content that can be found from.

The Playstation days. Many of Square RPG titles could be considered. Essentials for fans of the FF saga since the quality of many of these other games are for the mort part as good as some of the most popular FF titles if not better. If you want to keep delving into. The legacy left by this legendary gaming company invite you to also read my other article:Best Playstation RPG Games Square EA Masterpieces (that are. Not Final Fantasy games).Good Gaming!.


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